Feminism,Vampire Weekend, TV shows,etc. 21 and a penchant for alcohol

September 2nd
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September 2nd
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Birthday is Friday so someone mail me an ice cream cake idk how to make it not melt you figure it out

September 2nd
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September 2nd
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there are some people that i follow that i’m never unfollowing. like it’s ride or die at this point we’re in this together 4 life

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September 2nd
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September 2nd
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Destiny’s Child - Jumpin’ Jumpin’

The Writing’s on The Wall (1999)

The last night out before I go away, and this is THE JAM!

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September 2nd
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Yesterday we went to my aunts house for my birthday dinner and she always gets ice cream cake and yesterday she didn’t

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September 1st
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Burning dog poo & the human response

September 1st
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September 1st
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When someone thinks you’re a hassidic hillbilly with a snoot full of honeybees


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